Pink-I.T is a movement of women in I.T aimed at creating a network to foster a culture and way of thinking for females in the software development field


We are not another initiative but we aim to expose females to programmes out there that are targeting females interested in software developer. Pink-I.T has few activities which you can read about below:


Pink-I.T is about meeting, interacting with like minded females who share the vision of increasing the number of females in the software development space, while tackling issues that they face. We host meet ups and conferences so as to create a social culture which will eventually create a female perceptive in the IT sector.

High School Visits

We are also focusing on high school pupils to educate them what a software developer does. The aim is to expose them to the career, companies that high such skill also show them successful women in the field so they don’t grow up thinking its a male only career. According to statistic females in high school do better in science and mathematics compared to their male counter parts meaning most girls are already in the right track.


We would like to partner with already existing initiatives out the in the world so that the right information gets to reach all females in need of it. Some of these initiates include companies that allow the girls to profile themselves so they can get employment.


Pink-IT is a movement, a transformation and a culture of change to the software development environment.
Sofware Development is in need of a female perspective

According to a survey done by StackOverflow in 2015, "92% of software developers are males". These statistics have motivated a few of the existing initiatives that aim at leveling out these stats, as the number of females majoring in computer science decreased from 37% in the mid-1980's to 18% in 2012. Pink-IT is a movement of woman in IT aimed at creating a network to foster a culture and way of thinking for females in the software development field. Not because we don’t share well, but because the industry is in need of a female perspective.

The Pink-IT movement will open up a platform where female software developers get to share ideas and tackle industry issues that they face. The goal is to increase the number of women in software developement through sharing industry opportunities, challenges and successes. Create an awareness of different initiatives which share a common goal and taking this awereness to high school pupils as well.

Robotics and Gaming Speakers

These are the speakers you can look forward to this coming weekend
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Marilyn Radebe

founder of Soma-Solutions
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Pippa Tshabalala

Senior On-Air Producer
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Gergana Young

Software Developer
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Vuyelwa Mthembu

Digital Academy

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This is the first meetup titled Build and Deploy

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